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5 Newcomers

Rototip hires 3 mechanical engineers, a customer support specialist, and a software developer

1 October 2022

5 Newcomers

Since the early days of Rototip, we’ve been paying close attention to what your needs are and how we can assist you in your day-to-day operations. We’ve identified a few key areas for improvement:

  • Consistency of quality is of utmost importance

  • Rototip as a reliable and trustworthy vendor is something you wanted; ease of communication was indispensable

  • Sometimes lower price or sometimes shorter lead time was required

So, we hired Anıl, Sevda, İsmail, and Erciyes:

  • Anıl: Before joining Rototip, he worked at machinery manufacturing and at an aerospace company. He plays a key role ensuring that your parts are shipped on time. He has several medals and prizes in basketball, chess, and photography.

  • Sevda: With her strong background in CAM engineering and quality control, Sevda has been the backbone of our quality processes. She plays a key role in ensuring that your parts are delivered as per the specifications. Never seen her not keeping a promise. She is the gamer in our team.

  • İsmail: He’s been in manufacturing for more than 14 years already. He has a strong background in injection moulding and casting applications; and, he’s been involved in the production of more than a million parts with over 200 moulds - and he’s milled some moulds himself. He’s won several cups in sports, and still plays in amateur leagues.

  • Bart: Having developed countless web applications to companies like Shell, Morgan-Stanley, and Nike over the past 15 years, Bart switched to working with smaller organisations a few years ago. He’s the one developing a robust web application at Rototip (work-in-progress). Once did water-skiing and will never do that again, terrible at singing, and hates loading up the dishwasher.

  • Erkin: Originally an astronomer, Erkin is an indispensable member of the back-office team where he assists us in production coordination. He’s an amateur musician, and a great striker on the soccer field.

Interested in reading more about Rototip, read here about the €40.000-worth of vouchers we distribute as a part of our profit-sharing initiative.


Rototip International B.V.
Westerdok 454, 1013BH, Amsterdam


İlkyerleşim mah., 1927. Sk. No: 1-A, 06370, Yenimahalle/Ankara, Türkiye

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