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Rototip Distributes its Profit

We decided to share a portion of our profit not only with our employees but also with our customers

1 October 2022

Rototip Distributes its Profit

Like almost all other companies, we also want to grow and achieve much larger goals. However, this shouldn’t come at the expense of disturbed relationship with our stakeholders. We’ve decided to “distribute” a portion of the profit we’ve made over the past year. While doing so, we want to ensure that this doesn’t hit our cash-flow badly, so we have to set some ground rules.

  • Rototip distributes €40.000 worth of vouchers. This is distributed among our customers as per their annual business with us. You and your colleagues must have received information on how much your employer has right to.

  • At your company, there can be several engineers, designers, buyers, and managers who work with Rototip. The voucher is given on a first come first served basis, unless there is a central procurement team that manages the communication with Rototip.

  • Voucher is valid for orders that meet the following criteria:

  • A maximum of 50% of the total amount can be paid by the voucher

  • The order should consist of parts that can be made at a 3-axis machine

  • Parts should be prototypes (less than 5 off, each part)

  • Valid until the end of 2022

  • Rights cannot be transferred

With this initiative, we’re hoping to help you with your R&D projects while also signalling our commitment to the UN’s Sustainable development goals. More on our other sustainable development initiatives, read here.


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