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Sustainable Development

Rototip is not the most profitable company; yet, we strive to get accustomed with the right behaviour from the get-go

1 October 2022

Sustainable Development

Manufacturing technologies helped our societies become more efficient and wealthy, yet, it is a big polluter too. Here are a few things we’ve been working on to improve on a few areas established by the UN in their Sustainable Development Goals.

Paper-based Packaging

Our job on this front is a tough one as we try to reduce waste while ensuring that you receive your orders without damage. Around 90% of our packaging material was styrofoam & plastic in 2021. We’ve now switched to more than 50% of our packaging material being paper-based. It was difficult to store all the packaging material in our office but we’re already moving to our new, much larger office by November. If you’re interested in learning about the challenges & opportunities around the sustainable consumption, read here the UN’s goal on the topic.

Preference for Road Transport

Related to the UN's another sustainable development goal, we’ve been testing the use of road transport when delivery is not urgent (it takes only 5-6 days longer than air freight). Although most of our deliveries are completed via DHL air freight, we’ve successfully completed deliveries via road transport to Romania, Netherlands, and Switzerland so far. Over the next few months, we’re planning to expand this with 14 countries more where our customers are located.

Carbon Impact Calculator

We’ve just reached an agreement with one of the brightest minds in the tech industry to develop a solution to help our customers mitigate their carbon footprint and offset the carbon emission, enabling you to purchase goods from Rototip fully carbon-neutral. This is a project that will take 3 years to complete but you’ll start seeing the changes we make everytime we reach a milestone that we can deploy for your use. With this initiative, we’re promoting sustainable industrial development, another topic the UN studies in its development plans.

Decent Work and Remove Unequality

Rototip is not the best-paying employer, yet we’re certainly leading the change in several areas around the UN’s goal of decent work for all. Although majority of our employees are based in Turkey, we pay salaries in Euros to protect them against high inflation. Furthermore, we offer twice as many holidays then it is customary in Turkey.


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