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Your Online
Machining Workshop!

Production and rapid prototyping whenever you want.

Receive your quote in a matter of hours;
get your parts in just a few days.

Our manufacturing capabilities
CNC Machining

Lead times as low as 3 business days for metal and plastic CNC machining.

Sheet Fabrication

Lead times as low as 2 business days for metal and plastic sheet fabrication.

Sheet Fabrication machine park coming soon

mika-baumeister-c71yQepDEjo-unsplash copy.png
Precision Machining

Lead times as low as 5 business days for metal and plastic precision machining.

Surface Treatment

From vibratory tumbling to electropolishing, we employ various methods to achieve even the most demanding surface roughnesses your projects require.


Whether for added corrosion resistance or cosmetic appearance of your parts, we carry out a wide variety of coating options.

Heat Treatment

We can temper your parts to your exact needs in line with global standards. 

quality score

over 25.000
parts delivered

over 50
returning customers

How the magic happens?

Pre-production DfM review is prepared by our engineers.

The most suitable machine for your project is booked.
Production is closely monitored by our engineers.

Within Europe, deliveries can be as fast as 36 hours.

We share a quote within 6 hours


Your parts are delivered

You submit a quote request

You review our offer

You will receive a hard to decline offer.

Quality control

All quality control processes are documented and shared with you.

Post sales service

We stand by our promise and aim for your 100% satisfaction.

Where we operate?

From Sydney to Las Vegas, we are helping engineers worldwide with their projects from early prototypes to small series production. 




“Rototip handles all the procurement and production process. They save me over 4 hours every week.”


Lecturer & Researcher


“On a quest for a manufacturer that could deliver parts on short notice and at affordable prices we crossed paths with Rototip.”



Mechanical Engineer


“With the unique contribution from the team at Rototip we have managed to realize products faster and experienced a flowless process from first contact to delivered product.”


Business Manager

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