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"When I look at all the things we have achieved together, even our failures, I start my day with greater motivation and take pride in the choice I’ve made with joining Rototip."

How much courage does it take to make what you are determined to come true? This is the main question that  should be asked while choosing paths. As the famous quote says: Opportunities don’t happen, you create them. When I first saw Rototip’s manufacturing engineer job post, I already missed the deadline, yet, after a detailed research about Rototip and what they did, I have immediately contacted them. This is how my miraculous story with Rototip began.

There were two reasons why I was attracted to the thought of working at Rototip. First one was job satisfaction. As a person who aimed to be a mechanical engineer, especially in the manufacturing discipline, throughout my life, combining the idea of creating a digital platform and traditional manufacturing methods caught my attention as Rototip’s major  advantage. If I was to work at Rototip, I could see that I was going to not only encounter different mechanical projects that I would not be able to see anywhere else but also try to find engineering solutions to them. This is a precious opportunity for an engineer who aims to pursue a career in manufacturing. Yet, while writing this post I gotta admit you folks that the interview process was as difficult as it was satisfying. You know what they say, no pain no gain.:) Second reason why I wanted to work at Rototip was the work environment. To me, the most important elements that show the strength and success of a team are the sincerity and sense of trust within the team. These are also vital criteria for a healthy work life which is rarely found nowadays. From the day I’ve joined the team, we have always maintained these solid relationships in a very healthy way except when we had our little discussions for business improvement ideas. :lol

Working at Rototip throughout this period contributed to my professional growth beyond my expectations . I have to explain this briefly otherwise this post could turn into a dissertation :) Working on the same project, with engineers trained in different disciplines is profoundly fulfilling. We are working with companies in 15 different countries right now. Maybe this number will rise to 16 while I am writing this post (Update: Actually, it did) At Rototip, everybody is the boss of their own business. This means that you have to follow up on your responsibilities, yet this doesn’t mean that you have to deal with everything on your own. Any time one needs help, just ask for it, afterall you are not Mr. Gadget and someone can help out. This requires one to have two distinctly different abilities. One is that you should do project management properly - which is a crucial skill for not only in work but also in social life. The other is that you should be able to organize your schedule by yourself based on certain criteria. The team is extraordinarily multi disciplined. I mean, apart from what you’ve done in business, it is also important to make something together with the team. It would not be a lie if I said that everyone learns something new from the others every day. Moreover, it tells a lot about why one of our colleauge’s nickname is swiss army knife.J

Yeah, we were talking about courage. When I first met Rototip, it was not difficult to see that founders had valuable know-how, yet, frankly speaking, it was a newly established company that was  naturally carrying certain risks. However, after I met the team, I was pretty sure that there was no chance that this organization wouldn’t be successful. I have to indicate that I am the first employee of the Rototip a.k.a  Rototip #1.J When I look at all the things we have achieved together (and even those where we failed), I start my day with greater motivation and take pride in the choice I’ve made. I am glad that I made this decision almost a year ago. The more courage you show, the more you get in return. By the way, we always have freshly brewed filter coffee in our office, you folks are always welcome to come and enjoy.



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