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Our Carbon Footprint

Our approach towards sustainability

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Our Sustainability Approach

As part of our sustainability commitment, we've crafted a document outlining Rototip's carbon cost calculation approach in CNC manufacturing. This document provides transparency regarding our environmental assessment process. It covers material carbon footprints, estimating CO2 emissions during aluminum manufacturing (2 kg CO2 per kg of aluminum), and energy usage in CNC machining (2.44 kg CO2 emissions per machining hour).


We understand the complexities of assessing carbon costs, particularly in CNC manufacturing. While we've made estimations for aluminum, we're actively researching other materials like stainless steel, copper, brass, and POM. Our commitment to transparency and sustainability means we continuously refine our methodology and seek to provide more accurate data. Additionally, we've noted our packaging material usage, although we currently exclude the associated CO2 emissions. Rototip remains steadfast in its dedication to responsible CNC manufacturing and environmentally conscious practices.

Drop us an email at to have access to our methodology or simply to chat on these matters that concerns us all.

Carbon Cost


Rototip makes use of sustainable technology

  • Using mostly paper packaging supports sustainability by utilizing a renewable resource, promoting biodegradability, and enabling high recyclability.

  • Paper packaging has a lower carbon footprint compared to certain materials, reduces plastic usage, and aligns with consumer preferences for eco-friendly options.

  • Sustainable road transport shipments further contribute to eco-friendly practices by reducing carbon emissions, optimizing routes, and utilizing clean energy options.

Why Rototip


Process never been easier!

Best factories and workshops deliver quality but can hardly respond to customer demands on agility, price, close collaboration. Online manufacturing platforms are agile but overlook the requirements on quality, consistency and reliability. Enter Rototip. We focus on ensuring supply of top quality parts delivered consistently, sustainably, and reliably.

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Shorter Lead Times You Can Count On

Ensuring on-time delivery, leaving no room for last-minute surprises through regular, weekly updates from the shop floor


Your Own Manufacturing Shop Would Not Be This Close to You

Always direct contact with our manufacturing team on the shop floor from the beginning (requesting a quotation and manufacturability feedback) till the end (to delivery of the package)


Quality Control Done Right

 In-house quality control using broad selection of own gauges, calipers, micrometers, and through independent 3rd party laboratories


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for information about our company and services.



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